Meet Our Affiliates: Fusion Training

We are excited to introduce Ryan Brack! Ryan is the owner of Fusion Training in Statesboro, Georgia, and an X⁴ affiliate! Read Ryan’s blog about why he chose to bring X⁴ to his gym, the benefits he has seen by adding X⁴ to Fusion Training! 

Introduce yourself and Fusion Training. 

I’m Ryan Brack the owner at Fusion Training (formerly CrossFit Boro). Fusion Training is a nine-year CrossFit affiliate this year. Over the years we’ve added other programs in addition to CrossFit to our menu of services. X⁴ is the newest and most exciting!

How did you first hear about X⁴? 

I had two members who trained with Element in Tuscaloosa, and they thought X⁴ would be a great fit in our gym. We are one of the largest gyms in the southeast, so adding X⁴ helped to round out our offerings. Both of those members’ significant others weren’t in the gym and felt adding X⁴ would be a great way to attract their partner to the gym.

What made you interested in adding X⁴ to your gym? 

I was interested in adding X⁴ to my gym because the program offers a broader appeal to prospective members who didn’t want to only do CrossFit. We saw a need in our community and I wanted to fill it.

What I like about X⁴ is that the work is done for you. I currently write personal programs, gym programming, coach 14 classes and run our gym so it would be difficult to launch something else. I thought to myself, “Why reinvent the wheel?” If you have been to Nexus Fitness, you see that they are executing at such a high level, and I wanted that for my gym too. (Nexus Fitness is the flagship X⁴ location in Birmingham, Alabama).  Our hybrid members (CrossFit and X⁴) are already seeing results with the cardio benefits of X⁴ in our other classes.

Walk us through the process of adding X⁴ to Fusion. What was the first step? How did the X⁴ team assist you in this process? 

I’m not going to lie, it was a lot, and the timing wasn’t wonderful with COVID-19. However, I knew if I was going to do it, it needed to be now. Here were the steps I took to add X4 to my gym:

What benefits have you seen from adding X⁴ to Fusion Training? 

We’ve grown, slower than anticipated, but it was 2020 so everything was up in the air. Growth is growth and we’re anticipating carrying momentum through 2021 and getting our membership and experience on the same level as Nexus Fitness and Element. General excitement in the gym is up as a whole with the addition of X⁴. It’s awesome pulling in people that you might not have before X⁴.

Why would you recommend adding X⁴ to another functional fitness gym owner? 

Absolutely. I’m as excited about X⁴ as I was when I began my gym nine years ago, it’s similar to functional fitness but different. It’s easy to say this is something you could do on your own, but the more you know about X⁴ the more you realize you don’t have to do anything but implement it. The turnkey style of the affiliate program worked well for me as a business owner balancing a lot of different offerings.

What is your favorite part of an X⁴ class? What is your favorite station?

 X⁴ classes are hard. The style is different from what I’m used to, but I love the challenge. My favorite is definitely anything but the TrueForm. I’m a bigger guy and have had five knee surgeries but I have been able to start running again because of X⁴! I also like the Concept2 bike.