About X⁴

X⁴ was created by Chris Wade, founder of Nexus Fitness in Homewood, Alabama, as a way to show those intimidated by other functional fitness programs, that fitness can be approachable and a workout for everyone. Founded on community and built on effective methodology, X⁴ draws people from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds.

About Founder, Chris Wade

Wade was introduced to functional fitness after his football career at Clemson University had ended. He quickly fell in love with the concept, but also realized that functional fitness wasn’t for everybody — and he had a passion to make a workout available that catered to everyone; from the extreme athletes who compete in fitness competitions to the beginners who are too intimidated to even walk in a gym.

In that light, Wade set up the programs at Nexus Fitness to revolve around whole-body health and wellness. He wants to make sure people know that his goal is to train people so that they are happy and healthy — so that they can feel better because they have built a foundation of health based on preventative maintenance.